Managing Investment Property With A Houston Property Management Company

If you came to Houston as a student, researcher, or corporate employee, you might have property in the area that you don’t want to let go of. If you find a job elsewhere at a time when both rents and housing prices are increasing in the city and suburbs, you may want to hold onto your property as an investment. You will find value in working with a property management company in Houston to take care of your property, even if you’ve moved away from the area.

Meeting The Challenges Of Having Tenants

Managing property from out of town can be a challenge, whether you are talking about screening applicants, showing your property, negotiating leases, collecting rent, managing maintenance requests, and in the worst case scenario, handling evictions. Your Houston property management company takes the burden out of being a landlord with a complete menu of tenant services that translates to easy ownership for you.

While you might not have time to properly assess the market to determine the optimal rent you could get, a good management company will provide you with a comparative market rents analysis. By factoring in variables such as type of home, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, age, condition, and lot size, then comparing the results with homes recently rented in your neighborhood, the company can suggest a fair range for renting your property and the market value. You may find that your home will rent for more than you thought.

Entrust Your Tenants To The Professionals

In Houston, those new to town may want apartment living or a single-family home; your property management firm shows both types of property, depending on the client’s preferences. With an active base of new prospective renters, you are likely to see great interest in your property without compromising on price.

Your challenges as a landlord when managing the property yourself have just begun as you screen prospective tenants, run credit checks, and hope for the best when you find a renter who is happy to pay what you request. Working with professional managers, you are more likely to find tenants who will reliably pay the rent.

It is an investor’s responsibility to keep the property in good condition, which means both attending to maintenance and making improvements as needed. When you’re out of town, it can be hard to meet tenant needs at inconvenient times because the sink is stopped up or there is a leak in the roof. A management company will handle all aspects of the tenant experience, including responding to requests for service and inspecting the property to make sure that the structure is sound.

Call 360 Realty, An Experienced Property Management Company In Houston

360 Realty & Property Management is a Houston-based company with nearly a decade of experience in property management in Houston. The company operates 24/7, which means ultimate convenience for both you and your tenants. As licensed contractors, we will inspect the property before and after a tenant moves in to assess its condition and let you know what we find. We not only manage all aspects of collecting deposits and monthly rents, but we can even provide you with bookkeeping services that will come in handy at tax time. For information about easy investment property management, call us today at 281-859-5959.